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What is the Light Keeper™?

A custom security screw and tool set that prevents easy removal of your taillights or headlights.

  • Security screws made from solid stainless steel.
  • Screws right on, no cutting or drilling.
  • Comes with complete instructions and installation/removal tool.

Most taillights are easily removed in less than 20 seconds, using only a screwdriver!

The Light Keeper™ security screws replace the factory screws and prevent the easy removal of your expensive lights.



Our unique security head screws are
very difficult to remove without the
special tool included in the kit.

Why steal taillights or headlights?

Thieves learned long ago that taillights and headlights are easy to steal and sell. They are not marked with serial numbers and are easy to ship after a quick sale, making them the perfect item to steal and sell on the internet.

Further, lights are often the first thing to be damaged in a minor accident, and replacements from the dealer are expensive. That means there is a healthy market for stolen lights.

Both factory lights and aftermarket lights are big targets for thieves, especially on pickup trucks where the screws are accessible without having to break into the vehicle. For taillights, they just open the tailgate and remove the lights! Headlights require a little more effort, due to locking hoods, but that is easily defeated too (Check out our Hood Latch Jimmi' Jammer™ to better protect your headlights.)

Trucks are especially easy, but cars and SUVs are also targets.

Thieves will often break in, open the trunk or hood and steal the lights. Get the Light Keeper™ kit and protect yours before it's too late.

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