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Types of Dealers

Full Line Dealer

Full line dealers as listed on our Dealer List try to stock all of our products. However, it is always best to call first if you are going out of your way to stop by. If a dealer is out of a particular model, please ask them to order it. If you don't get the response you wish for, please give us a call at 1-480-452-6894 and we can work with the dealer or find you another one. Also, car dealerships tend to only stock product that applies to their brand. For example, a Ford dealer would normally only stock items that apply to Ford vehicles. That said, any authorized dealer can get any of our products for you.

Associate Dealer

Associate dealers are generally smaller auto repair shops and/or body repair shops. They generally don't keep stock on our products, but can order it for you and have it when they repair your vehicle. They also will install our products for you even if you don't need repair work done. This is a new program and we hope it will provide customers with additional ways of getting our products.

If you already own a repair shop, body shop, accessory store or vehicle dealership and are interested in becoming a dealer of some or all of our products, visit the dealers wanted page.

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