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Dealers Wanted!

Do you own a business and want to buy our products for resale? Read through the qualifications below, then if you qualify, you may buy from one of our Authorized Distributors, or in some cases, directly from the factory. Either way, please read through the material below.

We are seeking qualified dealers for all of our automotive-related products. We choose to sell our products only through factory authorized dealers because we believe that you can provide our customers with the level of service they need. We do not compete with our dealers by selling directly over the net as many other accessory businesses do. We have two levels of dealer participation available which are described on this page. Ready to join our growing list of dealers? Check out the requirements below:

Level I: Factory Authorized Dealer Qualifications:

  1. You must be in an automotive related field and sell to the general public. Examples of these businesses are vehicle dealerships, aftermarket parts retailers, vehicle accessory stores, stereo/alarm stores, truck outfitters, trailer retailers, locksmiths and others. Brick and mortar stores and internet based stores are equally acceptable.
  2. You must be a licensed business in the state in which you are located, and have appropriate tax ID information.
  3. You must agree to maintain a reasonable stock of our products. You may choose any or all of our products, and you may choose to stock only the models that sell best in your area. Less popular models may be ordered as needed from your distributor or the factory.
  4. You must agree to post point of sale materials which are provided.

Level II: Associate Dealer Qualifications:

  1. Your business must be in an automotive-related field and sell to the general public. However, Associate Dealer status is reserved for those business types that traditionally do not stock any items for retail or over the counter sales. Examples of these businesses include, but are not limited to: Auto body repair shops, mechanical repair shops, mobile locksmiths, mobile stereo installers, window tinters, service stations and others. Call or email us to see if your business qualifies.
  2. You must purchase our products through a nearby Authorized Dealer or Distributor. Factory direct purchasing is also now available to Associate Dealers through our website. (Ask for details.).
  3. You must have a business license and appropriate tax ID information.
  4. Point of sale brochures and posters are provided to you and must be displayed in your business..
  5. If you are an internet-only business, and wish to NOT stock inventory, you qualify as an Associate Dealer.

As a dealer, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. FREE Referrals! We refer customers in your area that contact us about our products to your business.
  2. FREE point of sale materials. We currently offer posters, color brochures and often publish a newsletter that makes a nice point of sale item.
  3. FREE website link on our dealer list. These links are listed based on geographical location so your customers can easily find you.
  4. FREE tech support should you need advice on an installation or model question.

Want to get started? Contact us

If you own an automotive business and want to buy our products, but don't want to become a dealer, check out our distributor page.