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Top Lite™ Technical Specifications



The Top Lite™ is designed to withstand the rough environment of a construction work truck or work site job box.

All steel case with black painted finish.

LED lamps that are not vibration sensitive rated at 100,000 hours of life!

Plus, our auto-on and auto-off function ensures maximum battery life. You can't close the box and leave the light on!

Manual off switch allows you to turn off the Top Lite™ when the box is going to be opened for a long period, or during daylight hours.

Mounts on the inside surface of the box lid in seconds!

No wiring or drilling!



Technical Specifications

  • Power requirements: 3 AAA batteries (not supplied with unit.)
  • Battery life: approximately 6 months or longer under normal use. (See below)
  • Enclosure: .024in. (24GA) thick, cold rolled steel.
  • Finish: Black textured paint.
  • Mounting method: Either double sided foam tape (provided) or screw to surface. (Holes provided in base, screws not provided. Use #6 or #8.)
  • Unit weight: 2.8 ounces (without batteries or retail pkg.)
  • Rocker switch body: Nylon
  • Fasteners: #6 screws, two places.
  • LEDs rated for 100,000 hrs
  • LED Luminous Intensity (Each LED) @20ma; Min=15000 mcd.
  • Physical Dimensions (in inches)
    2.6" Long x 3" Wide x .7" Deep.

Normal use: Defined as the light being turned on for short duration a few times each day, 5 days per week. Duration less than 10 min. Long periods of operation reduce overall battery life. Use the manual off switch to greatly increase battery life when box is opened during daylight hours. Your results may vary.

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