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Top Lite™ Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's


1. Do I have to wire the light to my vehicle electrical system?
No. Installation is easy since the unit is battery powered (3 - AAA batteries not included).

2. How long do the batteries last?
Of course the answer will depend on many factors, but a good estimate for battery life, assuming normal usage, is 6 months to 1 year.

3. How does the Top Lite™ fasten to the mounting surface?
There are two options. The Top Lite™ comes with 3M double sided foam tape so you can stick the light right to the surface. The other option is to use screws to fasten the Top Lite™ to the desired surface. The base of the Top Lite™ has holes already drilled in it for this purpose.

4. Will the mounting tape hold up to temperature extremes?
Yes! The Top Lite™ uses 3M automotive grade foam mounting tape that has been tested up to 250 degrees (F) and down to 0 degrees (F). With age, the tape bond actually grows stronger so no worry about the Top Lite™ falling off once the tape adhesive has cured, about 24hrs after installation.

5. Will the Top Lite™ withstand the rigors of a construction environment?
Yes! Our case is all steel, and with LED lights there is long life and durability. No cheap plastic here. Our case is made of steel, top and bottom.

6. What is the warranty?
The Top Lite™ is warranted for 6 months from date of purchase. No matter what happens to it, we will repair or replace it within the first 6 months you have it. The only exception is if it is stolen or otherwise disappears! You must have the unit and return it to us for repair or replacement!


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