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Top Lite™ toolbox and tonneau cover lighting
This product has been discontinued.



The Top Lite™ self contained lighting system for truck tool boxes, tonneau covers and construction job site boxes.


Have you ever needed to get something from your toolbox at night, such as a flashlight, and had trouble finding it in the dark?

Our Top Lite™ can help!

The unique tilt sensing switch turns the Top Lite™ on automatically when the lid is opened, and turns it back off when the lid is closed!

No more fumbling around trying to find what you need in the dark.




  • Automatic On/Off when your lid is raised or lowered.
  • Battery powered using (3)AAA batteries.
  • No wiring to install!
  • Low profile steel case for durability.
  • Black textured paint finish.
  • Bright white LED lamps provide intense light.
  • Manual switch turns light off when lid is up to conserve battery life.



Works great for...


Work site job boxes

Tonneau covers

Car trunks

Automatic On - Automatic Off
with opening or closing of the lid!


We also make a version of the Top Lite™ for motorcycle luggage!

Harley and other models!

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