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Why steal license plates?

  • To avoid renewing tags
  • To avoid paying tolls
  • To hide a vehicles identity

What is the Plate Keeper™?

A custom security screw and tool set that prevents easy removal of your
vehicle license plates, your expensive plate frame or toll road transponder.

  • Stainless steel security screws won't rust or corrode
  • Very difficult to remove without the special tool
  • Easy installation , no cutting or drilling
  • Includes installation and removal tool
  • Instructions included
Our unique screws are
very difficult to remove
without the special tool!

Choose a Plate Keeper™ model

Video: How to measure your license plate screws


To open a new browser window and see a 3 min video about the Plate Keeper™, click here.

To return to this page just close the new window.


With a screwdriver and 30 seconds a thief
can steal your vehicles identity!


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