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What is the Jimmi' Jammer® Hood Latch Guard?

A custom formed bracket that guards your hood latch assembly from attack with a screwdriver.

  • Prevents access to hood release from the front grill.
  • Bolt on theft prevention protects hood latch area.
  • Comes with complete instructions and necessary hardware.

Without our Jimmi' Jammer® Hood Latch Guard in place, a thief can stick a long screwdriver through your front grill and release the hood from the outside!

Once under the hood, they can disable your alarm, steal your battery or other valuable engine parts.

What's hot right now?
They are stealing the factory HID headlights right off the vehicle! These lights are expensive and easy to steal, so they make a popular target for thieves!

Thieves can easily pop your hood open with just a screwdriver!
Stop them with our
Jimmi' Jammer® Hood Latch Guard!

The Jimmi' Jammer® Hood Latch Guard in place.
(Shape and size varies by model.)

Current Model List

We currently offer the Jimmi' Jammer® Hood Latch Guard for select Ford vehicles.

Choose a part number from our model chart.

Check out a typical installation video (3 min.)

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