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Model Description Page for Ford E-Series Vans 1997-2014




The photo to the right shows one popular method of breaking into your Ford E-Series van.

The yellow arrow points to where a thief forced a screwdriver under the edge of the lock. Then, they "Pop" the lock out to unlock the door!

It's fast, easy and quiet, making this a favorite among thieves. >

What's the solution?

Read on...

Customer supplied photo
(Thanks to Chris B.)


Factory snap clip comes off easily!

The Jimmi' Jammer® kit comes with a door metal
re-enforcement plate AND a stronger clip with
set screws to hold it in place!


< The top photo to the left shows a factory snap clip, removed from the lock assembly.

When the thief pry's at the outside lock, this clip pops off and the lock can be easily moved to open the door.



The bottom photo to the left shows a Jimmi' Jammer® plate mounted in the door.

We use a re-enforcement plate against the door sheet metal, then our custom formed clip, made of much stronger steel than the factory clip, is placed against the re-enforcement plate. This provides a very strong support system for the lock.

Three set screws then hold the two pieces against the door, making it very difficult to pry in under the lock face.


What about cargo doors on these vans?

On the cargo doors of your van, the plates are still necessary.

The side cargo door (swing open style) is very similar to the front doors and uses a similar Jimmi' Jammer®

The rear cargo door is different. The lock is mounted in the license plate frame, and on newer vans it has a re-enforced lock holder. Still, the seam along the edge of the license frame offers a place to pry in and get at the lock rod. This door uses a different style Jimmi' Jammer®.
Rear Cargo Door Kit Description

We now also offer a kit to both repair and protect your doors from future attacks. Check out the Ford Van Door Repair kit HERE.


If you have a 1997-2014 Ford E-Series Van, you will need:

Part Number Description Notes
113502 Front door kit Use this kit for the front doors on 1997-2014 Ford E-150/250/350 Vans.
Protects both front doors.
113503 Side cargo door kit Protects the side, swing open style cargo door. Get this kit in addition to the #113502 to protect the swing open side cargo door. Does not fit on the rear cargo door.
113504 Rear cargo door Protects the rear cargo door lock which is part of the license plate frame on this door.
  Outside plate / repair kit Now available! See more HERE







See our installation tutorials to see an installation with photos for this model.

Each package contains:

  • Jimmi' Jammer® backing plate(s)
  • Jimmi' Jammer® replacement clip(s)
  • Clip set screws
  • Installation instructions
  • Window warning labels



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