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Model Description Page for 1993 - 2012 Ford Ranger

Do you own a 1993 - 2012 Ford Ranger truck?

If so, you may have already learned the hard way about how easy they are to break into!

The thief pry's under the door handle to get at the lock rods inside the door. Then, they force the rod to move and unlock the door!

Another popular method is to pry the lock cylinder out of the door metal using a screwdriver. The photo to the right shows the result of that method of entry.

It's fast, easy and quiet, making this a favorite among thieves.

What's the solution?

Read on...



Picture above shows a door lock
that was attacked by a thief!

They use a screwdriver to pull the lock out of the door!!



< The photo to the left shows a Jimmi' Jammer® mounted inside the door.

This two piece system replaces the flimsy factory lock retaining clip, reinforcing the door metal and holding the lock in place!

The "Backing Plate" surrounds the lock area with a layer of steel, preventing easy access using a screwdriver.

Then, the "Jimmi' Jammer® Clip" slides on where the factory retaining clip would normally reside. Instead of flimsy tin, the steel Jimmi' Jammer components are held in place with 3 set screws.

But wait, there's more! Read on...




The photo to the left shows another important part of the Jimmi' Jammer® system for the Ford Ranger.

The manual pull rod can be seen in this photo. It has a blue plastic jacket around it and is labeled "Manual lock rod". This rod is accessible from outside the truck through the handle opening shown to the right in this photo. (The thieves already know this, you should too!)

You can also see the "Lock rod guard" affixed to the inner door skin. This plate is part of the Jimmi' Jammer® kit for your Ranger, and will block access to the lock rod from the outside.

Installation of both the Jimmi' Jammer® lock clip replacement parts AND the Lock Rod Guard will greatly enhance the security of your Ranger truck!

Above: Notice all the marks around the lock.

This customers truck had been burglarized several times, and each time the thief pulled the lock out of the door metal to get in. Thanks to Terry in Orlando, FL for this photo.

Package Contents:

Kit PN 113350 ^

Kit 113350 includes:

  • Two Jimmi' Jammer® Lock Rod Guard plates (large plates at top of photo)
  • Two reinforcement plates
  • Two Jimmi' Jammer Lock Clips with set screws
  • 4 screws, 4 nylon center nuts
  • Two window warning labels
  • Complete instructions

Click on this Where to Buy link, below or along the left margin at the top of this page.

Kit PN 113350 fits these Ford Vehicles

Ford Ranger pickup, 1993 - 2012
(Does not fit 2019 or newer Ranger)

Kit protects both front doors.

Note: We also make the Gate Keeper and Hood Latch Guard for your Ranger!

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