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Model description page for 1994-01
Dodge Ram trucks


The photo to the right shows one popular method of breaking into your 1994-2001 Dodge Ram truck.

The thief uses a screwdriver to pry under the door handle and gain access to the door lock components! He can then move the lock rod and open the door!

It's fast, easy and quiet, making this a favorite among thieves, especially since this method of entry will not set off the factory alarm!



The photo to the left shows the back side of a RAM door handle.

The Jimmi' Jammer® plate fastens to the back of the handle, inside your door, and guards the lock and rods from attack!

Near the right-center of the photo the lock cylinder and lock pawl can be seen. The thief uses the screwdriver to either break the pawl off the lock, or push the rod off the lock pawl.

By doing this, he can then easily move the lock rod and open the door.

It is very easy to do, and a well known method of entry for the bad guys!

More information about our Jimmi' Jammer® kit for your 94-01 1500 series RAM, or your 94-02 2500/3500 series truck follows...


If you've already been a victim of this crime, or want to avoid becoming one, you will need our Jimmi' Jammer®

Part Number - 072100

This part will bolt right onto your vehicle. See our installation tutorials to see an installation with photos for this model.

Package Contents:

Each 072100 kit contains:

  • Two Jimmi' Jammer® plates.
  • Two window warning labels.
  • Complete illustrated instructions.

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Cross check: This kits fits these vehicles. (Oval style door handle as shown below. Will not fit Dakota or Durango).

Dodge Ram full size trucks,
1500 series

Dodge Ram full size trucks,
2500, 3500 series and Diesel

Fits full size RAMs with this handle style.

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