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Based on the choice you selected on the previous page, you will need:

Part Number - 031505

This part will bolt right onto your vehicles rear two passenger doors. Installation is similar to the front two doors. See our installation tutorials to see a tutorial with photos for this model. Note that the front and rear door plates are not interchangeable. Also, neither the front nor rear door plates will work on the rear cargo door of the full size SUVs.

Why do I need the Jimmi' Jammer® on my rear doors when there is no lock cylinder to tamper with? The thieves have figured out how to pry under the handle and into the door cavity to grab lock rods that are inside the door with a piece of wire or other small tool. The Jimmi' Jammer® for your rear doors is designed to block access to these inner door rods.

Package Contents:

Each 031505 kit contains:

  • Two Jimmi' Jammer® plates.
  • Two window warning labels.
  • Complete illustrated instructions.


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Cross check: This kits fits the rear two passenger doors of these vehicles (oval style door handle as shown below, but without lock cylinder).

Chevy full size trucks,
1500, 2500, regular and HD
99-06 and 07 Classic Body

GMC full size trucks,
1500, 2500, regular and HD
99-06 and 07 Classic Body
Cadillac EXT,

Chevy full size SUVs,
Suburban, Tahoe

GMC full size SUVs,
Suburban, Yukon, Denali
Cadillac Escalade SUV,
Chevy Avalanche

Fits vehicles with this handle style, but no lock cylinder. Back two passenger doors only. Does not fit rear cargo doors of full size SUVs.

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