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Model Description Page for Hummer H2 SUV and SUT


The photo to the right shows one popular method of breaking into your Hummer H2 SUV or SUT.

The thief puts a screwdriver onto the the face of the lock and smashes the lock straight into the door! It's fast, easy and quiet, making this a favorite among thieves. It is commonly known as punching the lock. >

Another popular method is to pry in along the bottom of the handle, near the lock to get at the rods inside the door. This is also very easy to do since the seam between the handle and door metal is very weak.

What's the solution?

Read on...

Notice that the lock has been punched into the door!

<< Another popular method of breaking into your H2 Hummer. Here the thief has used a screwdriver to pry in under the door handle to get at the lock rods inside the door.

The handle broke before the metal even bent, then the thief was able to move the rods inside the door to get in. Scroll down to see photos of how the Jimmi Jammer™ will block access to the lock rods.

Backside of handle with plate attached. Lock area is near the left of photo, but rods and lock are not installed for clarity.

Handle with plate see from the front side. The handle is outside the door so you can see the coverage of the plate behind the handle.


< The top photo to the left shows the backside of your driver side door handle with a Jimmi' Jammer® plate installed. The handle is outside the door for clarity. Toward the top right corner, you can see where the plate fastens on one end. The other end fastens just to the left of the lock holder.

Also notice that the back of the lock has the metal plate coming up behind it. This reinforces the lock holder so the assembly is much stronger and harder to get past. (Note: The lock is not installed on this handle, but it would be on the lower left where the hole is in the plate.)



< The bottom photo to the left shows a Jimmi' Jammer® plate mounted on a 2006 Hummer H2 door handle. The plate covers the entire length of the handle along the vulnerable bottom edge.


The bend along the bottom edge of the plate is designed to help stiffen the plate and to prevent the thief from getting an angle into the door cavity and possibly getting to another rod inside the door.

What about passenger side front doors that don't have a lock cylinder on them?

Even though some vehicles do not have a lock on this door, there are other lock rods and the door latch mechanism below the handle in the door jamb. For obvious reasons, we won't further describe how they get in, but suffice it to say, they can and do!

If your front passenger side door doesn't have a lock, you still need a plate on that door! Your Jimmi' Jammer® kit for this vehicle will come with two plates so you can protect both front doors.




Based on the choice you selected on the previous page, you will need:

Part Number Description Notes
021200 Front door kit Use this kit for the front doors on 2003 - 2008 Hummer H2 SUVs and SUTs that have lock cylinders on both front doors. Protects both doors.
021205 Front door kit Use this kit for the front doors on 2005-2008 Hummer H2 SUVs and SUTs that have a lock cylinder only on drivers door. Protects both doors.*
021210 Rear door kit Rear door kit has been discontinued and are out of stock.

This part will bolt right on your vehicle. See our installation tutorials to see an installation with photos for this model.
Note the Hummer Jimmi' Jammers are no longer being manufactured, but we have a small number in stock. Get one soon if you need it!

*PN 021205 comes with two plates even though there is a lock only on the drivers door. On this model, the passenger side plate is formed differently to cover the area where a lock cylinder would normally be located and due to the location of the lock rods, the passenger side is vulnerable to attack even without a lock cylinder.
** The rear cargo door is constructed differently, so no plate is required.
PN 021210 for the rear passenger doors has been discontinued. Sorry.

Each package contains:

  • Two Jimmi' Jammer® plates.
  • Complete installation instructions.
  • Two window warning labels.


PN 021200 for H2 with lock on each front door.

PN 021205 for H2 with lock on drivers door only.


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Cross check: This kits fits these vehicles:
See also the picture below.

If you have this vehicle... Buy this Jimmi' Jammer kit...
Hummer H2 SUV or SUT with lock cylinders on each front door. 021200 for the front doors and

Hummer H2 SUV or SUT with lock cylinder on drivers door only.

021205 for the front doors.

These kits fit H2 Hummers with this handle style.

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