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Gate Keeper® FAQs


This FAQs page answers several of our most frequently asked questions regarding the Gate Keeper® tailgate protection product. Please browse through the list, if you don't see what you want to know, contact us and we will get answers for you.

Q: I have never heard that thieves steal tailgates, why do they do that and is it common?

A: Tailgate theft has been a problem since way back in the 1970s when trucks were becoming more popular in many areas. As tailgates become damaged from use, or accidents, it is common for thieves to seek out a similar gate, remove it, and use it as their own or sell it to unscrupulous shops or yards who then resell it to honest people who just need a new gate. Most tailgates are removable without tools, so a thief can take one off in less than 20 seconds, usually without setting off any alarm or attracting much attention. Replacements from new vehicle dealers are VERY expensive, often more than $1,000 after paint and assembly, therefore there is a healthy market for stolen tailgates.

Q: I already have a locking handle on my tailgate, why would I want a Gate Keeper®?

A: If you're ever in a situation where you leave your vehicle and have the gate down or unlocked, the Gate Keeper®will still protect your tailgate from easy removal. Also, if you have your locking handle unlocked during the course of the day, then forget to lock it, the Gate Keeper® will be there to protect your property. A good example is ATV riders who park their truck and leave the gate down while riding. We often get calls where the truck owner returns from riding only to find his/her trucks tailgate is gone! When left down, the locking handles don't do any good!
Note: A new trend we are seeing, especially on Ford trucks, is where the thief uses a screwdriver to break the plastic holding the lock in the tailgate handle. That is why we've come up with a Jimmi' Jammer® for the Super Duty and F150 tailgate handle. See more here.

Q: Do I need to drill any holes to mount the Gate Keeper®?

A: No. Each model bolts on using factory holes already in you truck.


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