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Distributor Requirements

In general, distributors buy in large quantities and re-sell to other dealers rather than the general public. If this description fits your company, you are in the right place. If your business re-sells to other dealers and serves the general public, you are still in the right place!

If your business sells only to the general public, and you wish to buy only in smaller quantities, please check out our Dealer Requirements page, or contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for the Jimmi' Jammer® and/or our other products, read through this list of requirements.

To qualify as a distributor for our products, you must:

1. Be a licensed business in the automotive field.

2. Buy our products in case quantities only and maintain a reasonable stock of each product. (Normal case quantity is 24pcs per case, single part number.)

3. Have some type of sales force, (small or large) that calls on other automotive businesses that wish to sell our products at retail.

4. You may also have your own retail operation, but you must be willing to sell our products to other retailers in your area at a competitive price.

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